Dear Darlary

Generate UNLIMITED Leads and Acquire 2x to 10x more ROI Through Pay-Per-Click Ads.

Helping 7-8 Figure Real Estate Business Owners & Consultants produce profitable and well-optimized PPC ad campaigns.


Are you currently dealing with these situations?

🔸 Insufficient time in managing your PPC campaigns

🔸 Your newly launched property has low online visibility

🔸 Your target audience barely recognize your brand

🔸 Your phone doesn't ring regularly

🔸 Cannot convert prospects into high-paying clients

🔸 Low return on investment every month

If your audience cannot find your brand and property listings online, the chance of converting them to customers is close to none.

Work Harder or Work Smarter?

Imagine you are wearing multiple hats to get things done for your company. You manage the finances, marketing, sales and daily operation. Because of the limited manpower and resources, you also have to squeeze in more advertising workload to make your PPC campaigns work. And the result?



We Will Do All The Heavy Lifting For You.

Generally, Pay-per-click advertising allows you to advertise on search engines and social media websites, by paying only when someone clicks on your ad.

PPC campaigns require a lot of work and expertise.

Dear Darlary spent years studying the best practices for finding and targeting the right audience, as well as optimizing your ads to convert.

Instead of spending more hours figuring out the solution to your underperforming PPC campaigns, let us do all the heavy lifting for you.

Our team is here to help you improve your current campaign or develop a completely new one.

Solutions That Matter

There's no "one size fits all" approach to ensuring success in Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

So, each service must be cost-effective and tailored to suit your needs, correct?

Fortunately, Dear Darlary creates various combinations of ad services, involving the following options below.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Get the boost your business needs using Google Ads. Generate web traffic and conversions effectively.

Ad Copywriting

Create compelling content that would either generate demand or fulfill demand - better yet both.

Social Media Advertising

Expand your reach. Let the whole world know your brand is active, and always ready to engage and serve.

PPC Ads Troubleshooting

Overcome any ad campaign challenges & conversion tracking issues to maximize your ROI.


Unleash the Power

of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Running PPC ad campaigns will give you the opportunity to experience these benefits:

🔸 Efficient PPC campaign management

🔸 Reach your target audience effortlessly

🔸 Set your desired advertising budget

🔸 Boost your brand’s online visibility

🔸 Generate leads and high-paying clients

🔸 Collect relevant marketing data

🔸 Gain 2 x to 10 x ROI

Your PPC Advertising Chameleon

Our mission is to establish profitable and well-optimized PPC advertising campaigns while having the flexibility to work across multiple ad platforms and creating a strong connection with culturally diverse clients.

Result-oriented | Flexible | Client-centric

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Know the brand's situation and identify the current challenges and objectives relevant to the PPC ads.

PPC Audit & Action Plan

Dear Darlary will assess the ads account and formulate a set of PPC Ads strategy outlines tailored fit for the brand.

Book Your Ad Project

Secure your project spot by settling the upfront payment and signing the contract.

PPC Ads Project Kickoff

Onboarding, assets preparation, action plan implementation and regular reporting about the campaign performance.